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Package Mould

Package Mould
Package Mould

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Description of Plastic Paint Pail Mould MJ Mould has made a lot of Plastic Paint Pail Moulds. Copper Beryllium on the top core and cavity edge leads to the best cooling effect for high-speed injection and minimizes the cycle time. The latest computer aided design/computer aided engineering/computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing system is adopted to ensure the engineering efficiency, such as UG, Pro-E, etc., and has advanced processing equipment, such as mold cam processing center, numerical control lathe, high precision electric spark machine, large milling machine, etc. We will try our best to reduce the cost of the mould according to your special requirements. Through our effective project management, your mould will be ready in the shortest possible time.

  • High-quality metal
  • European accessories specifications
  • Delivery of the test on the specified date
  • Sending test samples to all countries of the world for free
Package Mould
Package Mould

Features of Plastic Paint Pail Mould

1. Be copper has a short application period and high production efficiency. One shot takes about 13 seconds.

2. The square locking system is conducive to the stable work of the mold and easier maintenance.

3. European waterline mold design to shorten the cooling time.

4. We will carry out leakage and sealing tests before shipping the mould.

5. Mold lfe: 1 million injections before overhaul.

6. Precision machining ensures high production efficiency and fine parting effect.

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