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Crate Mould

Crate Mould
Crate Mould

We manufacture all sizes of the highest quality

Collapsible system foldable crate mould with moldflow engineering service,Sino Mould offer high speed molding solution to increase production capacity, keeping our customers in the lead. Foldable crate mould save employee quantity, injection molding material, power of molding etc. we adopt highlight technology to satisfy all clients requests, makes the foldable crate surface more lighting and more strength and high productivity.

  • High-quality metal
  • European accessories specifications
  • Delivery of the test on the specified date
  • Sending test samples to all countries of the world for free
Crate Mould
Crate Mould

plastic crate mould trial is very good and smoothly. The features for MJ mould in logistic mould filed:

1. Rich experience of design team: several years of experience in logistic mould design. Good crate can be designed according to your idea or pictures to meet your needs;

2. Automatic demoulding for all of our logistic moulds: We got high praise from our clients abroad because of good shape and good quality crate mould;

3. Design the most reasonable runer system according to the part’s function, by using cold runner, pin-point hot runenr system or valve gate hot runner system;

4. Competitive price mould: According to the mold life requirements and market positioning from clients to make the most competitive price mould;

5. After-sales Services: Provide spare parts free of charge within one year.

MJ mould is the plastic crate mould maker you could trust.We will offer you good mould design,best technical support and wonderful mould service.Thanks.

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MJ has a team of service engineers who own the passport and ready to give international support. We have monthly area customer care for maintenance checking and mold production training, mold installation, mold upgrade and so on. Ther efore, we can support our mould product run smoothly and professionally.At the same time, we can give training, improve our new invited partners to develop on

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